Learning how to Learn

A Project of the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme

Welcome to Learning how to Learn

Learning how to Learn is a four-year project which is part of the ESRC Teaching and Learning Research Programme.

Major Publications

The Learning How to Learn project has produced a number of major publications:

James Book Improving Learning How to Learn: Classrooms, Schools and Networks

Mary James, Robert McCormick, Paul Black, Patrick Carmichael, Mary-Jane Drummond, Alison Fox, John MacBeath, Bethan Marshall, David Pedder, Richard Procter, Sue Swaffield, Joanna Swann, Dylan Wiliam

Available from Routledge
James Book Learning How to Learn: tools for schools

Mary James, Paul Black, Patrick Carmichael, Colin Conner, Peter Dudley, Alison Fox, David Frost, Leslie Honour, John MacBeath, Robert McCormick, Bethan Marshall, David Pedder, Richard Procter, Sue Swaffield, Dylan Wiliam.

Available from Routledge

The work of the project is presented in a special edition of Research Papers in Education and a recent edition of Curriculum Journal also has two articles about the project.

Other project publications are available via the TLRP Digital Repository at http://www.tlrp.org/dspace.

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The main website contains information for participating schools and other groups and individuals interested in the work of the project. Some parts of the site are password protected. You can gain access to workshop materials, presentations and other support materials by logging in as "guest" and leaving the password box empty. If you have a username and password you will be able to access internal project papers and school and LEA logs.

Passwords and "Logging In"

If you are a member of the project you may need to read this information about changes to the login procedure.

You can access much of the site by logging in as a guest user. Click on the link above and when prompted for a username type "guest". You do not need a password. Authentication is on a 'per session' basis. This means that when you have finished, you should close your browser window

If you need a password or have difficulties logging in, email for assistance.